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Nolanville, TX 76559

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24 Hour Emergency Service 254-577-1133

Centex Truck and Trailer Repair 24 Hour Emergency Service  254-577-133 Ph.  254-577-1133 Nolanville, TX 76559

Centex Truck and Trailer Repair specializes in the repairs and maintenance of tractor-trailer commercial vehicles, light weight trucks and trailers and personal vehicles.

Our trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day to ensure that your truck and trailer are on the road making money instead of experiencing roadside downtime. Our crews are fast and efficient on the roadside as in the shop.

We carry the highest quality parts to go along with our exceptional service. Centex Truck and Trailer Repair  offers the highest quality truck and trailer repairs along with reasonable labor and parts pricing.

Give us a call today for your repair needs 254.698.0111.

Our Repair Services

• Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Repair

• Heavy Duty Off Highway Repair

• Electronic Diagnosis of all Equipment

• Power train Diagnosis & Repair

• DOT Certified Inspection Location Heavy Duty Fleet

• RV & Motor Home Diagnosis/Trouble Shooting Repair

• All A/C & Heating Services

• Fiberglass Repair

• Full Service Trailer Repair

• Bus Repair & Maintenance

• Equipment Repair & Maintenance

• Diesel Truck & Equipment Engine Repairs

• Electronic diagnostic engine, automatic transmission and repair

• Transmission, and all power train repairs

• In-frame and Out of-frame engine Overhauls

• Flywheel Turning

• Preventative Maintenance

• Drive train repair

• Medium duty truck repair: foreign and domestic (Medium duty list Hino, Izuzu, Mitsubishi, UD, Ford, Chevy)

• Welding - tig, mig, arc, helliarc, acetylene oxygen cutting processes

• Any and All suspension and steering repair

• Trailer skins, doors and flooring

Diesel Truck Repair Killeen, Belton Temple, Jarrell Diesel Truck Repair